Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Hey. It’s Matt. Welcome to my so called “Ted Talk”.

There’s a lot of noise out there in today’s world. Every generation goes through its hardships, but things seem to be especially eerie – society’s more divisive than ever, the political climate in America is embarrassing, cancel culture is running rampant trying to erase people who made mistakes decades ago. Sure, some of that’s justified, but we’re all human. We screw up sometimes.

Then again, maybe things aren’t so bad. We could be living in the greatest time period of human existence. It’s easier now than ever to keep in touch with loved ones through social media, we’re on the brink of self-driving cars, science & technology have cured diseases that haunted past generations for centuries. Innovation in the travel industry has made cross-country weekend excursions a not-so-costly possibility for many of us.

The point is, life is what you make of it, and for me, I’ll choose to grow. I’ll do my best to be an optimist, and hope to carve out a better world for tomorrow. Call it cheesy, but we can all make a positive impact, no matter how big or small.

My story is no more important than anyone else’s, though if you’re reading this considering whether to partner with Gro, you should know a little bit about me and how we’ll operate.

Contrary to the conceited notion of publicly sharing my background, I’m not a huge fan of the spotlight. Ironically enough, I’d consider myself an introverted recruiter. That said, someone once told me you need to be able to flex those extroverted chops at the right time, and that’s always resonated with me. Someone also once told me that growth is synonymous with fear, and often times the most difficult periods lead to the most prosperity. Well here I am stepping out of my comfort zone. Let’s hope this works.

I’ve been in the services arena for a decade, the last five or so in the professional realm. Like every other recruiter out there, the thought of going to college to become a headhunter wasn’t necessarily the end goal, but I’m super grateful to be here. Search is fun, flexible, rewarding, and you meet some really wonderful people along the way.

Recruiting gets a bad rap (rightfully so in many cases), and my theory is that most recruiters learn the wrong way. It’s a transaction to them – using shady practices to fill a seat.

I was lucky to learn the ropes from a phenomenal agency that taught a relationship-driven approach. When done right, recruiting should be a blend of art & science. The fit, rather than the fill, should be what’s most important. Can’t promise we won’t make mistakes along the way, but we’ll strive to do things the right way.

Gro will be built through our quality of service & relationship-driven approach. We’ll “Gro” as long as we can keep those top of mind.

Gro will take care of its people. We’ll innovate. We’ll give back. We’ll fuck up. We’ll bounce back. If we don’t, we deserve to fail. And that would be on me.

Let’s plant some trees for tomorrow.

Hope you Gro with us.